Assorted Scenario Planning links collected by Brian Reithel

1.  "Scenario Planning" from Global Business Network
    (the sub-links on this page are fairly informative)
    (there is also a bibliography)

2.  "How to Think about the Future" from American Demographics magazine

3.  You may remember Jim Autry mentioning Betty Flowers from UT-Austin.
    She is on their English Department faculty.
    She is currently on-leave from UT and her email address shows her
    working at Shell.  One web page that I found showed her as the
    editor of "Shell's Global Scenarios 1992-2020"

    Here's an article from the International Journal of Futures Studies
    which contains a quote from the cover page of the volume that Betty
    Flowers edited.

4.  This book review is somewhat revealing
    "Making Scenario-Based Planning Work for You
     A review of Learning From the Future: Competitive Foresight Scenarios"
    from PLANNING FOR HIGHER EDUCATION the quarterly journal of
    The Society for College and University Planning

5.  Here is a lengthy paper on the use of scenarios from the 
    Open Business School (OBS) in the UK as an element of their
    MBA program (enrollment: 6000)

6.  "How to Build Scenarios" from Wired Magazine

7.  Related books (see
    The Living Company by Arie De Geus

    The Art of the Long View : Planning for the Future in an 
    Uncertain World by Peter Schwartz 

    Scenarios : The Art of Strategic Conversation
     by Kees Van Der Heijden
8.  Scenario Planning Resources from Martin Borjesson

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